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Our Gallery - How to choose the perfect woman

According to the opinion of the majority of male population, there are several features that a woman must have in order to be considered as perfect. Physical aspects are very important and the first ones to be assessed. However, most men also look for that girl who understands them and knows how to be their best friend.

Desirable features of the ideal girl

Height is one of the fundamental pillars on which the taste for the perfect woman is sustained. Men tend to feel attracted to women with an average stature since they seem to be more fragile and cuddly as well.

Dark skin tones like cinnamon are the favorites among men, a little paler than the African American girls but more contrasted that whiter ladies. This feature is what places Delhi escorts among the most beautiful women in the world.

Ladies with long and dark hair are also extremely desirable. Men consider this feature as the perfect seduction weapon of a woman.

In terms of female figure, men tend to be attracted to certain features. Such characteristics include generous breasts, long and slender legs, average hips and small feet.

A unique lady capable of transforming your life in many different ways

In the opinion of many men, there is nothing like having a good time with a funny girl characterized for her great sense of humor. However, this feature must be perfectly contrasted with intelligence. She must know the difference between a humorous conversation and the one that requires a sharp contribution.

The perfect lady must also feel confident enough to express her opinion. She should not be afraid to say what she thinks even if others do not agree with her point of view.

She must have a wide range of skills including the ability to prepare delicious dishes for her partner. She also must have a passion for art and a general cultural knowledge. A woman who possess all of these features will turn her lover into the luckiest man on earth